Dating portal


Christian dating portal start-up.

Project story

Client is a good example of Startup Company. Client had an idea of specialized dating portal and was looking for a professional team able to design and develop it in a short time period. As public services it should have high quality.

Project Specifics:

  • Custom user searches capabilities;
  • Database for 200 000+ users;
  • Advanced polling system;
  • Geo-targeting and geographical search.


Project required team of 2 software developers and a team leader, QA engineer and a part-time project manager. Besides that other Totem staff was used from time to time: graphics designer and technical designer, flash developer, html coder, copywriter and technical consultant. Photographer and models were used for site photo session.


Project was developed using Symfony framework (PHP) and PostgreSQL database, Apache web server and FreeBSD operating system. We used Apache Lucene and Solr software for implementing complex search functionality. APC and Memcache and file caching backend for improvement of server performance. Custom python software over Mencoder for videos published by users.
Custom user interfaces with rich effects required Prototype JavaScript framework.

Project length

Project was done in 6 months. After the deadline Totem team continue working on a project, but in support mode with limited resources.