Media community

TV channel project story

A large cable network was going to launch a social media website with user generated content. The goal was to gather video and photo content (weather, political, sport topics) to use on TV and gain a new audience from Internet users.
Media community website was required to be integrated into an existing company infrastructure and online portal.

Project specifics:

  • Extremely high peak loads, up to 4 million visits per hour;
  • Rich server back-end, about 50 servers total;
  • 5 clusters total: database data cluster, sessions cluster, statistics cluster, application servers cluster, storage servers cluster;
  • Usage of Content Delivery Network for reliable site access;
  • Single Sign On using PHP-Java bridge;
  • Multi-level caching mechanisms;
  • Advanced search capabilities.


These projects required 2 development teams; each team consisted of 3-6 developers and a team leader. HTML coder, flash developer, local QA engineer (most QA services were done by our client) and a project manager.

Technologies and methodologies

Projects was developed using iterative agile methodology called Scrum, it helped us to do complex project, as flexible as small ones, with respect to quality. Project coordination between client and our office was done on a daily basis.

Because of extreme loads the project required us to use a variety of different technologies, including non-standard solutions and different caching/scalability techniques: Solaris operating system, Symfony (PHP framework,) APC, MySQL, Prototype, Memcached, Capistrano, Apache Lucene and Solr, Mencoder.

Project length

6 months.