Totemizer services

Turnkey software development

We provide custom Internet and intranet software development services that cover all stages of a web applications' life cycle: domain analysis and specifications composing, scope analysis, estimation and planning, interface prototype modeling and graphics design, system architecture and development, testing, deployment, documentation, and support.

Design services

Totemizer provides variety of design services: website design, interface design, flash animations and presentations, even branding and logo designing.

IT Outsourcing

Totemizer outsourcing services include building professional dedicated teams of developers, QA-engineers, managers, designers for client needs, providing technical and office infrastructure, performance management, help employees in learning client’s project details (domain, code, standards) and setting up offshore-onshore interaction with respect to different geographical locations.


Consultation program offers cost effective services and solutions in finding the correct strategy for your needs. Because there are many uncertainties in whether a new design or concept will do what you desire.

Startup proposals

Totemizer provides innovative strategies for startup companies. We have the experience because we have been through the process on our own and with other startup companies. This has allowed us to develop and refine our services to build fast track prototypes to test the functions and to get a sense of a new designs capability. This allows an inexpensive way to test the parts that are likely to have problems and to solve them before building the actual design.

Partnership Program

This program offers clients an opportunity to realize their expectations for growth and profitability by allowing us to become a partner with them because many ideas aren't realized because they lack adequate financing.