About us

In 2002 we launched a company with 5 people that developed simple and usable turnkey websites and provided technical support and IT consulting services. Later expanding into e-commerce and portal solutions.

In 2007 we extended our technological borders and started an outsourcing department and worked on large social web projects with up to 4 million visitors per hour.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to be recognized as the most progressive company in the IT industry by offering its customers cost effective start up services with expectations for growth and profitability.


  • Working with partners from Europe and America;
  • Solving communication issues by adopting cooperative day-to-day work schedules because of time zones. Coordinating interactions with many different development teams working on same projects;
  • Building scalable and reliable web projects able to handle millions of people;
  • Adapting non-standard solutions when standard theories and practices were not suitable;
  • Adopting deployment tools for fast deployment of our products to server clusters;
  • Applying agile development methodologies to improve a project’s quality and reduce risks and how to change project direction based on business needs without any problems;
  • Researching advanced techniques of productivity, measuring and management, and building our own tools to automate there tracking;
  • Adapting and mixed new technologies to get best results;
  • Developing additional complex turnkey web applications for our clients, including the dating portal, complex e-catalogues, data mining and translation software;
  • Providing R&D and support services for the products we built, as well as, external ones;
  • Providing consulting for new projects;
  • Developing and refining fast web application prototyping.


The company employs 43 professionals

  • 28 programmers
  • 3 designers
  • 2 web-technologists
  • 1 flash programmer
  • 1 quality control specialist
  • 2 customer managers
  • 4 administrative officers
  • 1 project manager
  • 1 technical director (CTO)

All developers are divided into teams of 3 to 7 people:

  • Teams deal with only one project at a time;
  • For any new projects we form separate teams of 3 to 7 developers with a Team Lead;
  • Comprehensive testing is performed by our Quality Assurance team.

Our clients are leading companies of Europe and America.
Among them

  • Philips Medical system
  • Viasat TV channel
  • Swatch
  • Expobank
  • SantaVita
  • OTTO